Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It got better

My crabby did wear off before lunch. Whew. I did run my errands up in the Central District. They have finished some of the road work but not nearly all of it. It's still rather much of a mess. It's been 10 months since I made that trip daily. I've been up there maybe 4 times since. Weird.

I got my nail fix-it stuff at Walgreens and my $10 off. Nice. And my nails look better already. It will be a month or three before they get good but they now have a nice start.

I stopped in a tiny little jewelers and bought some pins so that I could change the band on my Pebble watch. It came with a buckle clasp which adds this big bump. I bought a silicone band with a button clasp - way more comfortable and no big bump. But the band came without pins. That's all sorted now and I even bought some other colors of the same band at $2 a pop on Ebay.

I had a lovely chat with my brother this afternoon/evening. It's been a while since we got totally caught up and so that was fun. Now I'm off to find some dinner.

Here are today's dolls...

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