Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I am just crabby for no reason today. My back itches. My watch app didn't work right during my swim (but I fixed it after and I still love the watch). I coughed through half my swim and am still coughing now. It's a paper cut crabby.

My fingernails look like they've been treated by a ginger grater and they are paper thin. I think I'm glad I decided to take a gel polish vacation. I need to get some Sally Hansen stuff for nail protection and cuticle care. And they need to be cut down and shaped.

I think this morning, I'm going out - up to the Central District. I need to return a CD to the library and go to Walgreens (for nail stuff - I have a $10 off thing). They have apparently finished the road work outside my old pool which is up there and I want to see the result.

And I need to find a new book to start tonight.

And make some more dolls and finish up the latest bear.

There's a ballgame on TV this afternoon. This day could be saved yet.
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