Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

tech fail

My swim app turned on me this morning. After an hour of swimming, it thinks I only went 25 yards. The app developer contacted my after I posted something on Reddit and he gave me some suggestions and his suggestions, I think, is what screwed the pooch. I've done it right for 2 days and wrong for 1. I'm thinking right is replicatable. I hope so anyway.

My one week old manicure has a major chip in the polish. And I'm not happy. The shop has 3 manicurists. Rose owns the joint and she has two young women working for her. Both of the young women are great and I've never had an issue when they do me. But when Rose does, I always seem to have a problem with the manicure lasting. They aren't set up for appointments with specific people. I hate to give them up but I'm not happy about paying for a manicure that won't make it to the next appointment. At least I have a pale color on now that doesn't advertise chips. I think I'm going to give them one more try.

I need to find a news radio station in Seattle that isn't NPR. I want to hear what's going on in my town and the world but NPR just ends up pissing me off every morning. I've completely stopped listening on weekend mornings because the hosts of those shows are just too annoying. Now the rest of the week is getting on my nerves. I want BBC Seattle. Yeah, right old lady... good luck with that.

This morning's piece that sent me to the off button was about middle aged and old people who have no or few friends and family and the perils of loneliness. The point of the piece was that being alone constituted loneliness which was toxic and turned nice people into mean, belligerent hateful people. I disagree totally that being alone by necessity constitutes loneliness.

The problem with this kind of propaganda is that it demands reparation and ignores my wishes. How I live my life is my business. As long as I'm not hurting anyone or breaking a law, leave the the fuck alone and let me live my life (or even end my life) as I see fit.

I get that I am in the vast minority here. That's probably why I feel so strongly about it.

The house cleaner is scheduled to be here today. I have no reason to think she won't be but something's kind of telling me that she might not show. Weird. Hope I'm wrong. She's been pretty reliable since a very rough patch that I had to get on her about years ago.

I don't want to find new manicurist or house cleaner and I don't want to be my own manicurist or house cleaner either.

I think I'll go sew.

I've been piling up all the dolls and bears onto one chair and I think it may be at capacity. Time to move to the next chair, I think.

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