Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Tuesday

Yesterday sometime Zoey found an old toy. It's actually a funky pink stuffed pretzel that howeird's cat recommended a long time ago. At the time she was not too impressed but, for two days now she's been running and tossing it and bouncing it and carrying it around in her mouth. Right now she lost it under the TV cabinet and she's working out how to get it back. It's really cracking me up.

A while back my hair cut place - Rudy's Barbershop - tweeted out that they were looking for classroom models. I sent them a picture of my hair and have now gotten 2 free gray covering colors. I've been asked to come in for free haircuts twice - both times right after I'd gotten my hair cut. But this morning I got an email asking if I wanted a free haircut a week from tomorrow (usually the request has not nearly that kind of lead time). Turns out that by a week from tomorrow, I will really need a hair cut so I said YES! really fast. Also the place used to be a PIA to get to but now that the new trolley is operational, it's a nuthing burder to walk a block and hop on the trolley. Their place is about a block and a half from the trolley stop. AND there's a nice QFC Grocery on the way back to the trolley stop. Win win win.

I had a good doll making day. I also spent time organizing my felt bits. I use a lot of felt - hair/pants. It comes in 9x12 sheets which stack nicely but once I cut into a sheet, it turns into an unruly left over bit of odd shape. I will probably not use most of the bits - they are too small for pants or hair but too big to toss so I found a place to stack them in a way that I might be able to find and retrieve colors I need - like for boots!

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