Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's just amazing to me to be able to glance at my wrist in passing while I'm swimming and see just exactly how long I've been swimming so far and how far. I love it. My old way was to look at the (analog) clock and try to remember when I started. Then, after I got out and back to the lockeroom, sync with my phone and then be disappointed to learn that had I done another 2 laps, I'd have done 2,000 yards.

My goal is 2,000 yards a day. It's hard to be OCD about it with the above scenario. NOW... with my Pebble, my new end point is when the time reaches 60 and distance reaches 2,000 yards.

Nothing big happening today. There will be the usual sewing and baseball followed by knitting and TV. And my usual intent to go take a walk somewhere. I do need to take the trash down to the garage. Maybe I'll take the long way where I walk out my door and down to the end of the hallway (about 50 yards) and then down the stairs and walk the length of the 3rd floor (100 yards) and then the 2nd floor, and then across the widest part of the garage to the dumpsters. It's the poor man's woman's walk. Lame but better than ass sitting.
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