Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New tech lust

The Pebble watch is just way too big. I don't mind the look as much as the feel. Rock on wrist.

BUT... that is the only con by a huge long shot. This thing rocks my socks. I got it for the swim which I was able to try out this morning. All I wanted was to be able to quickly glance and see how long I've been swimming and for how many yards. I got that in spades. I can even see it while I'm swimming - I don't have to stop to look!! Plus, when I'm done, it syncs with a swim app and spits out more data than I thought possible. It's very cool.

And I actually love getting email on my wrist. And having grocery lists there, too. Oh and it works with the Misfit app that I've been using/tracking for a year now!

So, the Pebble watch is a keeper. I just wish I could shrink it. I haven't had something on my wrist that I could check the time at a glance with in a long time. It's weird and cool.

I stopped off at the grocery on my way home from the pool and picked up a few things and dropped off the Garmin thing so it cold go back to Amazon.

Today's a fun baseball day. It's on TV and our best pitcher is making his Spring Training debut. Watching baseball on my phone and/or tablet back in the sewing room has turned out to be so fun. When the season starts, the games will move to night (mostly) so it won't be such a thing but for now, fun.

I did enjoy it being dark again this morning on the way to the pool. I'm not a fan of DST but at least fixing clocks is no longer a PIA and I have my dark mornings back... for a couple more weeks.
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