Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We are having some weather

I'm not sure we really need to worry about an earthquake or a tsunami cause we are going to blow away today. We have rain and on and off but holy crap do we have wind. There are 3 porta potties lined up next to a fence outside Century Link Field across the street. Or rather I should say there were three. Now there are two and one about a yard and a half away. I guess it's lucky that it just walked away and didn't tip over. They closed a major bridge across Lake Washington. The Sunday news crews are getting their workout today!

I've gotten a text and an email from the power company apologizing in advance for a power outage. We still have power but many don't. Lots of trees on cars. One killed a guy already today. Of course the Tree That I Hate is still standing strong. I'm willing it to go but so far it's a literal no go.

I just went down to put boxes in the dumpster and nearly got blown down ... in the garage!

They have been predicting this wind for a day or two but last night downgraded it. I think we're really lucky we didn't get the original blast.

Today's dolls:

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