Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got into the pool early today since I was there when the front desk lady arrived. She lets me in and then locks the door behind us so she can get set up. It's always fun to get a 10 minute head start. At 8, my two favorite swim buddies showed up so we each had a lane. We had the pool to ourselves for about 40 minutes. It was fun.

Now I'm home and I'm breakfasted. I need to clean up the kitchen and then trot the rubbish down to the garage bins. And then I can sew.

I'm in a fitness tracking crisis. My Misfit Shine which I have now been wearing religiously for a year and a week is having issues again. About every 4th time they update the app, they fuck it up. I have to uninstall and then find an APK of a previous version to install. It's getting old. Plus they were bought out by Fossil who just revealed their latest smart watch which is butt ugly and the size of an SUV. I'm sure they are going to suck up all the Misfit brains for it and not the old Misfit products.

And I want something that counts laps while I'm swimming anyway and shows me the count plus does other fitness stuff, too. Garmin has a watch that is really huge and not great looking and very expensive. But they have been in the swim tracking game a long time. So I bought their fitness band. It took me all of 1 hour to figure out it sucked. It's too big and too ugly and, actually, does not track swimming. It tracks movement but not swimming and definitely won't count my laps. So back to Amazon it goes.

Next up is the Pebble Time watch. It has a better shot at working like I want. I just am not sure about how it looks. Well, as I typed that last sentence, it was delivered! And it's not as huge as I thought.

Well, that was an hour ago. Now the watch is all set up and talking to my phone and ready for tomorrow's swim. I think this may be a keeper!

But, alas, the kitchen is still not clean and I haven't even hung up my wet sit yet. Geesh.
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