Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hands down

So the answer to my dry skin crack on my thumb was, indeed, superglue. I think all my other efforts had gotten it 70% to healed and the superglue just brought it home. It also gave me the use of my thumb back. So whew.

Last night I gooped up my hands and put on some really cheap ill fitting cotton gloves before I went to sleep. The difference in my hands this morning is amazing. I'm kind of disappointed because now it means I'll need to goo up every night. On the other hand, my hands have bothered me for a long time. They look so dry and crackly and feel that way too. I can't quit staring at this this morning. Wild. I do need to get better gloves. I think I'll do that this morning after swim.

I watched the final episode of Downtown Abbey. It was satisfying. The best series final episode ever was HBO's Six Feet Under. This Downtown Abbey one was very close. I will miss those people a lot.

My doll making factory needs some organization. Making dolls of various skin colors and making dolls with pants has kind of thwarted my routine as well as the way I had everything set up. This is not a bad thing but I need to rethink. Today is perfect for it. No distractions. The baseball game isn't even until tonight. So. Cool.

But, first a swim.
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