Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Again, I slept through the night never even getting up to pee. Weird but ok. Swim was good. Traffic wasn't too bad.

Next up, sewing machine to the sewing machine hospital. That's a new set of traffic so I'm kind of dragging my heels waiting for everyone to get to work and off the roads.

I did the phone app check deposit test again today. BECU nope. No way. Fugetaboutit. Capital One - no problem. First try. In like Flynn. So, at least I have a way to deposit checks. The two accounts are connected now so I can move money back and forth. All is fine but it annoys me that BECU broke their app in the first place.

My brother's internet access just went down (all his web cams fell off the network). I'm guessing they are not having a great day there.

Here we got wind. Mega wind. The drapes that hide my storage out on the terrace are whipping around like they are out to get somebody. Plus all the trash cans are stuff that isn't nailed down is banging around outside. We had a major gas leak explosion in Seattle yesterday smack in the middle of one of our neighborhood shopping areas. I think I'm more than a little sensitive to loud noises that aren't usual.

Ok. Off now to get the doll maker fixed.
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