Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Late start

This morning, I'm not up and out the door but actually killing time first. I have a nail appointment at 10 and the nail place is a couple of blocks from the pool. So I want to time my swim so that there's not a huge time gap between pool and nails. I'm planning on leaving here in about an hour. Depending on my timing, I think I'll do a quick grocery run either before or after nails.

And then, there will be a stop at the fabric shop for new face fabric. I'm coming around to all kinds of face colors and not just different shades of tan and brown. I think I have some boy dolls figured out, too, but I already have the goods for those. I'm quite jazzed about all the new dolls.

Plus today is the first day of real baseball on TV. There have been a couple of MLB.TV tv games but while they are better than nothing, the broadcasters aren't that good and the video isn't either. Today will be the kind of broadcast that we get during the regular season with my regular broadcasting guys. I'm very ready.

Full day!
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