Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice words and now a challenge

I just got this email from the bear/doll adoption agency lady who has never sent me an email before. So I was shocked when I got it and delighted when I read it. But, now I've got to get creative!

Hi Susan!

I got a call from a nurse that's using your dollies a LOT. The kids are thrilled with them & they're a great help to her with her caseload. (Most of her patients are CPS cases & being given a dolly really helps---especially if the child is being removed from the home for cause.) Her question was if it's possible to get some of the dollies to look like African-American, Asian-American and/or Native-American kids? (Also boys!) I told her that I could ask. I have no idea just what all goes in to the creative process, so having changes made might take some time.

Your dollies & Teddy Bears are a great help & are used every day in crisis circumstances that the littlest children are found in every day. It's not that there is any kind of a "rush" on this. She's just asking if there is a possibility of adapting the dollies to the minority needs of some of the kids. (The ones with the pink & blue hair are wildly popular!) Your dolls & Bears are sturdy & cuddly & take quite a bit of the hard use that little kids can give toys.

Anyway, the nurse also asked me to pass on her deepest thanks for your creative genius. You've helped so many kids. She's just hoping that more will be able to be helped if some "special modifications" can be added to what you already are making up. What do you think? No rush---just think on it & let me know. Thanks mucho! :-)

As always,

Jeannie Jaybush

I've not tried any other ethnicities because it just felt kind of weird for white me to do. I don't mind exaggerating/characterizing little white girl dolls, but it didn't seem respectful to dip my toe where I got no skin. But, now I feel like I've been given a bit of a license. So, I'll give it a go. And I do need to love those get more boys in the mix.

I love that the funky colored hair is a hit. I love those my own self!

So... tomorrow, it's off to the fabric store to see if I can find good skin fabric for different colored skin.

I really am gratified to learn that the dolls have a fan. I was afraid that Jeannie was just taking them so she could get more bears which was fine but made me feel a little guilty. No more guilt. Just more dolls!!
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