Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I picked up this cream last week to put on small itchy places and it's great. It works just like i want it to. It's called Lanacane. The problem is that I put it on and it gets on my fingers and I forget about it until I put one of those fingers in my mouth and all of a sudden my tongue or lips or both are numb! It's really funny. I need a pacifier. Or the good sense to either wash my hands or keep them out of my mouth. Preferably both.

Ally Bank rejected me! In my frustration over BECU's app that never works for me, I decided I needed a backup bank. Ally looked the best so I went online and filled out their form and got a screen that said I needed to wait 5-7 business days and look in snail mail. I was really unimpressed but OK. Today I got a letter saying that they could not verify my identify and so they were rejecting me. Well, fuckyouverymuch.

I went to Capital One. Filled out the online thing, got an account, an account number and was able to hook up my BECU account for transfer. I fucked up a bit of it and had to call them but got a real person without a telephone tree from hell and while she was way too perky for my taste, she fixed the problem quickly. So now I'm all set.

Oh and I went and applied for the reject report from the credit agency that Ally said they used.

Then I went to the Home Owners Meeting. I always hate what these meetings turn me in to but tonight I tried hard and got out unscathed. I was impressed with me. The burglary turned out to be more of a vandalism thing and the building manager's email turned out to be very misleading (as usual) BUT I did find out that they board has instituted a second eye policy for all his emails that he did not use so 1. He got his email hand slapped a little and 2. Maybe his error filled, typo laden emails are going to be better going forward. That will be progress.

I might not go next month. They will be going into great detail about our hard wood floor policy and that's just an ugly waiting to happen. I don't need or want to hear any of it.

Time now for a slice of blue cake.

Oh, and the eyeballs did arrive!! Next mountain to climb is getting that damn lane line fixed at the pool.
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