Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bits and bobs

Tried the early run on the pool this morning and it was ok. Pool not crowded and traffic not horrible. I really do like getting home and fucking around doing diddly for an hour and still having it be only 9:30. It just feels like I get so much more day this way.

I just had the first of the 6 breakfast burritos I made last Friday and damn, that is a good batch! Go me!

I have the el-cheapo T-Mobile plan. $30 a month for 100 phone minutes, unlimited texts and 5 GB of data. I routinely use about 10 minutes a month, about 5 texts and less than 2 GB a month so the plan is perfect for me. Except T-Mobile is so flaky with its tracking. And they are constantly changing their web account access. This morning, it let me log in as normal but then gave me some error code about changing sim cards. So I log in on my phone, which let me in but told me I had reached my voice limit for the month (which started last week) - WTF??? I have not talked on the phone for 100 minutes since last week.

Finally, I was able to log into the website with my phone number (instead of email address) and it says I have actually used 4 voice minutes. WhatEvEr. I only pay $30 a month and get good reception and data speeds most all the time. I should not complain. So I'll stop now.

My doll eyes... the ones that went to Alaska?? They are now listed as Out for Delivery!!!

Ooops just got a note from the Building manager that some storage lockers were broken into over the weekend. That burglar got some pretty musty smelling stuff. I rent my locker out to a woman who keeps old business files in it. I'm guessing she hopes her files are gone but likely they are fine. But, I'm also guessing there are a lot of pissed off peops in the building today.

Tonight is the monthly Home Owners meeting. I thought about giving it a pass but I think I'll go one more time to here the juice on this latest caper.
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