Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me in the kitchen. No, really.

So first I have a greek-ish salad marinating in the fridge thanks to the inspiration of soon_lee. And now I have an actual cake in the oven! I'm channeling meowmensteen!! Well, in spirit only. Actually, Duncan Hines did the heavy lifting but I did pull out my hand mixer which has not been fired up in probably 3 years.

The cake thing is Jenna Kim Jones' fault.
But I didn't want chocolate icing so I made my own vanilla butter cream.

The frosting is waiting for the cake to cool. This is one very wild hair for me. But fun.

And the Mariners are winning. Nice afternoon! The Sounders are playing across the street in about an hour and a half so the fans are collecting outside. It was supposed to rain on them and may still but for now, they are wallowing in Sunshine.

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