Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Much better

First off, no back itches last night and I slept really well. Really well. Great swim. It was only crowded for about 5 minutes and the last 30 minutes I had the pool to myself. I walked across the street to Trader Joe's to get ice cream and they weren't open yet so I sudoku'd until they were and then came home. Zero traffic. None. It was freaky. Even with the Trader Joe's stop, I got home a good 30 minutes faster than yesterday.

I've got one load of laundry nearly done and the next one started. I do want to strip the bed so I may yet do a sheet load. And I need to charge/switch music on the Shuffle, meaning another fight with iTunes. Oh well, I'm ready for it today. It's really kind of invigorating to have a day like yesterday when everything was wrong. Makes me way more appreciative of today.

Zoey is playing picky eater. She stands at her food dish and whines. I give her wet food and she walks away. Cool, by me sweetheart. You have plenty of dry kibble. You can have more wet food tonight at dinner or when the current food is gone. Your choice.

I am not walking enough and today I have no excuse. Maybe I'll go take a lunch time stroll. The sun is out now but it's not supposed to stay out so maybe by lunch time it will be gone.

Dolls and baseball... Oh, maybe I can talk myself into walking at least the 1st inning. That's got some possibilities...
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