Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sorts depleted... I'm just out of them

I'm whiny and crabby and all for no good reason.  It started last night. My back was itching so backly that it was making me sick. I coated it with lotion and after about an hour it felt a little better. I took an allergy pill beore I went to bed and then overslept by 30 minutes. They finally put up a sign at the pool, a week and a half after it happened, that the pool lane line had snapped - DUH - and they had ordered another and it wold be here in a coupel of weeks. (Couple of weeks from when you made the sign - so nearly a month to get a fucking lane line????)

My swim was great. I had the pool mostly to myself. But, the ride home was so bad that I'm not sure it's worth it.  Maybe it just doesn't pay to go in early.

I'm itching again but not horribly. Maybe it will go away. I wish now that I had mentioned this to the doctor when I was there in December.  I go again in May. And he'll probably come p with some pill that fixes it all perfectly and immedicately and I'll then ruin my knees kicking myself for waiting.

I'm just in a mood that makes me want to unfollow all these fools on Twitter and rant back to everything on Reddit and lock my door forever.

But, in about 15, I need to go make the bear/doll delivery.  Probably just as well. No need to sit here an wallow. This too will all pass.
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