Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Socks made:

They are not for style (obviously?) but for comfort and warmth. It's impossible to make Crocs look stylish. I wouldn't even try. But, to be able to slip my bare feet into warm and soft shoes quickly and head out the door... that's a thing. The button on the top of the toe is attached to the sock and is to keep it in the shoe when I pull my foot out. I bought some Etsy socks once that had that and I thought it was very clever. So, when I redesigned the socks so they last longer, feel warmer and have a nice padding, I kept the button.

I am so tired of itching. I'm fairly convinced that most of it is winter dry skin itching and some of it is some kind of skin virus/bug bite patches that are healing but slowly. I no longer care what's causing it, I just want it to go away.

This year, there are a whole wad of Mariners spring training games on TV. Last year there were some and the year before there were a few. It used to be that there were only a handful of games available on the radio. Now, this year, 20 games (2/3rds) will be televised. Also I like the TV announcers a little better than the radio ones. So yeah. BUT...they are all afternoon games and I like to sew in the afternoons and the sewing room has no TV.

So... I just bought myself a month of MLB.TV. $25. I will cancel at the end of the month because 1. all the games switch to night and I don't sew at night and 2. the home games are all blacked out on the app anyway so it's basically useless for me. But now, for March, on my phone or tablet, there will be much baseballing and sewing to go with it.

I also just paid $20 for a $15 thread organizer. I toyed with the idea of going to JoAnn's to get it. I bought one there a while back for $15 and I want a second one now. BUT I knew that a trip to JoAnn's would cost me way more than $15 and that's not even counting time and gas. There would be at least double that and probably triple the cost of stuff I would find and 'need'. So, I did the smart thing. I ordered the same thing on Amazon for $20 and consider it good money saved.

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