Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When did that happen?

Spray starch is out and bleach beads are in. I am madly behind in my laundry knowledge.

I got to the pool even earlier than my lately early time. Still no fucking lane line fix BUT the pool population was such that it was pretty much a non issue today. And my swim was very good.

The trip home, however, was a bear. With no traffic, I can get home in 15 mins. With the usual morning traffic, it takes me usually 20/25. Today it took 45. I did get a heads up. There's a traffic sign just outside the gym that updates with bridge traffic. Usually it says 4/5/6 minutes to 1st Ave exit (my exit). Today it said 20. OOOPs. So I went to Safeway.

I needed bleach, spray starch and tortillas. Safeway had no starch at all. None. Not a hint. Zip. WTF???? And no small bottles of bleach. I do not need a jug. Just a small bottle. But they had something called bleach beads that you add to water. Ok. Fine.

I walked across the parking lot to Bartell's where - hallelujah! - they had spray starch - 2 kinds - regular and heavy duty. Seems like last I looked - a decade or so ago - there were all sorts of different kinds of starch - spray and otherwise! How do people stiffen their crocheted doilies these days???? When did we give up on starch and why didn't I get the memo??

And... people who shop at Safeway before 8 am are generally pissed off people. The two people in front of me gave the cashier a really bad time. I was afraid she was going to ask me if I found everything all right and I was going to join the pity parade but by the time she got to me, she was just ring 'em up and get 'em gone.

Finally I am home and all is cool.

I need to interrupt doll production this morning to make a new pair of Crocs socks. My current ones are quickly coming to end of life. I think one more pair will get me through to warm weather.

And, speaking of weather, we're supposed to get some today. High winds starting about noon. I'll be watching from my windless condo, thank you.
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