Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Where oh where????

I have misplaced some sewing machine parts. They are really accessories and I'm sure they are in some kind of little container but I'll be damn if I can find them. I took everything out of the armoire that I keep my sewing stuff in and went through every bit of it and can't find any such thing.

And... just as I typed that last sentence, I remembered where it was. There's a little catch-all built into the sewing machine itself. And most of the bits I was looking for were in it.

Meanwhile in my efforts to find it earlier, I managed a fairly nice bit of sewing stuff reorganization. And I did some other setup stuff for future doll making.

And I made a doll.

So I'm celebrating with a Hunter cookie. Are they pretty?

And I think/hope I fixed my swimming iPod which kept shorting out on me this morning. It may be time to learn to swim with simple water noise. And I backed up my Windows machine and made an image of it.

I have TiVo set to record the Academy Awards and some of the red carpet stuff. However, I'll probably "watch" it on Twitter and only look at the TV if Twitter reports something I need to actually watch. I've only seen one of the movies and I honestly don't care.

Zoey lost one of the two bells on her collar and now maneuvers around the house in stealth mode. I actually found the missing bell but I may leave it off for now. I like the quiet.
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