Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Really randoms

There's a woman, about my age, who swims on Saturdays at the same time I do. She, too, gets there early so we chit chat while waiting for the joint to open. I don't like her. I don't know why. But, she just annoys me. She, on the other hand, seems fascinated by me. It's a weird thing and my Saturday morning routine. It lasts all of 10 minutes maybe and then I'm in the pool where chit chat is, thankfully, just not a thing.

This morning, however, she did ask me how I got interested in 'tech-y things'. (She's already grilled me about my iPod.) I kind of stumbled for an answer and she quickly added 'I mean people of our demographic aren't usually tech oriented. What she meant was elderly women but I was stuck by how artfully she posed the question. Her previous questions today and other days were not nearly as tastefully crafted. Interesting.

While swimming, I designed a new, better way to do my doll faces and an interesting breakfast. The breakfast - an egg, cheese, onion, dry cured ham quesadilla - was delicious. I need to make a template for the doll face and practice. I'm not going to make any changes until after the current ones to to the adoption center. I don't want any hard feelings.

One problem I forgot to solve was the group photo. I think there are just too many to get in one photo. I think I'm going to have to break up the group into several shots. Oh well.

On the way home, I fired up Pandora and it started playing 'Thumbs Up Radio' - things I'd said cool to in the past. The first selection sent me straight to 1987.

I was at the end of a relationship with a guy who was in denial about the end. We lived in Connecticut. He'd lived there forever, me, not very long. He wanted to take a trip north through New England (it was leaf changing season) to Montreal (so he could show off his fluent French) in his fancy schmancy brand new bright red sports car. I said ok. He picked me up on Saturday morning and we headed out for the Merritt Parkway.

He settled back and relaxed and popped a mixed tape into the tape player (80's remember, it was the 80's) and oh so proud of his mixing watched for my reaction. Out of the, actually very nice speaker, came Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The tape started with Spring and it was Fall but I didn't nit pick - I thought it was a really nice, thoughtful touch.

I did finally manage to end it shortly thereafter and move to Minnesota and not long after that, he totaled the car. A couple of years later married a woman I worked with. BUT that trip was actually lots of fun and filled with beautiful scenery, delicious food and good music.

Pandora gave me a lovely memory this morning. It also reminded me that I need to cancel my Pandora subscription. I kept it only because of the internet radios which I no longer use. Ooops it auto renewed for another year on January 5. Oh well. I'll go ahead and enjoy this year.

It's lovely out. Gray and cloudy and cool without being at all cold.

Time to clean up the kitchen and get the rest of my day started!
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