Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Joke's on me

My phone got a major update today to the BECU app and it specifically listed the deposit function as being fixed! So I went to find my checkbook to write myself a test check. Checkbook??? MIA. Extra checks? Apparently they left with the checkbook. FML

I had one very sad old folded check in my purse so I used that and, no joy. One of the other major updates to the app was their new feedback button. It, oddly enough, works just fine and I blistered out a small missive about my feelings.

I'm doe with this. I opened an Ally Bank account. I'll use it to deposit the checks and send them over to BECU when BECU doesn't work. It's probably good to have a backup anyway.

And I ordered new checks. That's $8 I didn't need to spend. I'm sure now that I have, those fucking checks will surface before next week.

I have been eating everything that isn't nailed down. If I didn't have such an aversion to cat hair in my mouth, Zoey would need to be worried. Today I decided to see if I could curb my enthusiasm. Smoking cigarettes would come in so handy for this. Sigh. I've done fairly well. I've had one piece of chocolate instead of 5. I had a dill pickle (counting as vegetable) instead of chips, crackers, or goldfish. And I have resisted putting anything in my mouth several times.

What happens is that I'm back sewing and I need to get up and move a little bit to save my back. Oh, ok, I'll go get a snack.

It's now close enough to dinner that I could be through the worst of it. I hope.

It's hard to see her pearl earrings cause they are the same color as the blanket but they are very classy.

She's a star.
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