Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I suck at backgammon

I was raised in a game playing family. We all played games a lot.  Mostly card games, Yahtzee and Backgammon.  As a family we played Yahtzee hours and hours on end.  In pairs we were gin rummy and backgammon ninjas. My dad played gin rummy with his best bugs like other dads played golf.

Long after we left home, my parents moved to a small town where Daddy's commute was 5 minuts max and that was only when the one traffic light was red. So he came home for lunch every day. Mom and Dad would eat and then play backgammon for the rest of the hour. Every day. For money. They kept a running tab in a little notebook.

Periodically, they'd cash out. Mom would get a new car or Daddy would get fun trip. And then they'd start the tab again. I think, when Daddy died, he owed Mom somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 grand. I hope, after she died, she was at least able to collect.

When he was here in January, my brother got me hooked on this Android backgammon app. It's a pricey one and I was surprised, with all the free and cheap ones out there, he'd pay so much for one. And then I was surprised I did. But I did and now, in fits and starts, I pick it up and turn into Backgammon's Bitch. It's a horrible game.  It requires both skill and chance and even with both on your side, you can still lose.

I'm sure glad there aren't any really good gin rummy or Yahtzee games. I've only got so much time to kill. There are still lots of dolls and bears that require my attention.

The soccer hoards are gathering outside for tonight's big game. Soccer fans, even in their frenziest frienzy are way more pleasant to have in the neighborhood than football fans.
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