Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Big feet, great taste

This morning, the free shelf in the garage boasted two very nice pairs of shoes. I forget the brand but they were really really nicely made. 10B. They looked way bigger than that, though. And the bottoms were barely scuffed at all. I'm madly trying to think of who, in this building, is that tall and that classy and female or female-ish. So far, no idea.

I have felt blah all day. Finally, I took a nap. I hate naps. But, it did help a little.

This morning two people were hit in a drive by shooting just outside my library! I gave a passing thought to stopping by there on the way home from the pool to drop off my latest borrowings but decided not to. I would have been there about an hour before the shooter so no biggie but still way creepy.

Not creepy... today's dolls

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