Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

$$ saved!

This morning, at the gym, I spied a woman's sneakers. They were lace-less and purple and cool looking. I asked her about them. She said they were very comfortable and light weight and came in a bunch of fun colors and she got them on Amazon. I saw they were Merrells - one of the few brands that I can actually wear, so I figured I'd come home and buy a pair.

I looked on Amazon. I looked on Zappos and then I looked on the Merrell website. Turns out this particular style is a unicorn. Whew. Dodged a bullet there. I don't need more shoes anyway.

I'm now counting my savings.

Bernie Sanders' name has been reduced to Bernie on everything from bumper stickers to formal coverage and every time I hear something about 'Bernie', I think Bernie Madoff. As a Hillary supporter, I hope this is not a Just Me situation.

My brother is off the boat. Their cruise docked in Miami this morning. He reports devouring 4 books in 3 days spending the rest of the time eating, sleeping and listening to live blues music. With his phone locked up. He said it was great. Good news to hear.

More condos are for sale in this building. The last one that sold - about a month ago - went for $10,000 over asking price and I think everybody got excited. Right now, on front door TV network, someone is moving out and someone else is replacing their old washer dryer. Hot times in the old condo building.

My music loving cookie baking neighbor has been quiet lately. No cookies and no music. I saw him yesterday taking the dogs out so I know he's around.

I think it's time to put away the now dried dishes in the kitchen and hang up my wet suit and get going on this day.
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