Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Charmed day of a charmed life

My new pocketbook is finished and filled and hanging by the front door and it's spot on. I fixed a couple of things from the last version and only made one mistake which may not end up being a mistake after all. (I made the cash pocket bigger than I really wanted it.)

I cut out the pieces for the next doll and loaded up the appropriate thread in the machine ready for tomorrow. Then I turned around to see that I had already cut out the pieces for a new doll so now there are two all ready for sewing.

My house is clean as a whistle and smells good. I have dinner (pizza) all ready for the oven. Things are just in place and fine.

Oh and the computer has held its internet connection now for 24 hours. Victory is mine.

I gave a passing thought to going back to the gym for another swim but then realized it was too close to 5. Traffic on the road and traffic in the pool. Tomorrow morning is soon enough.

And speaking of soon enough... when I was confirming the next cleaning date with Amira, I saw that in two short weeks, the Mariners will be playing their first baseball game of the year! March 2, 12:15 against San Diego. I'm so ready. I need to clean off TiVo in the next two weeks - tv watching time will be baseball time soon enough!
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