Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday, I made 28 doll faces. Cutting them out and adding eyes and mouths to each gives me a head start (hey! look what I did there!!) on each doll. It's kind of tedious - all hand work - so nice to do in batches. Plus, now I have two weeks worth of dolls already started!

I looked into better stuffing options - bigger, cheaper, whatever and found none that would work. I've learned by trial and error that Fairfield Poly-fil is far superior to anything else. And Walmart's $20 for 10 pounds is the best deal by far. If I order 3 boxes at a time, I can get free shipping so I think that's what I'll be doing. I just hope they keep selling it.

The county real estate bills came out today. Mine is $4,100 - up $500 from last year! Part of this increase is a higher appraised value for my condo which makes sense in light of recent sales. But, most of it is county taxes - $100 for this, $60 for that - the political climate here in Seattle is basically we'll vote in any tax increase you like. Renters, for sure will. Plus, we have no state income taxes so counties are pretty much on their own. But, really, $350 a month for real estate tax sure seems excessive to me. It's paid now and I will unrealistically not think/rant/worry about it again until next year.

The pool wasn't nearly as crowded this morning. I got there way earlier than yesterday. Tomorrow will be a problem. I need to go later because my nail appointment isn't until 10 and Wednesdays are usually the most crowded. I'll go and just hope for the best.

There is nothing on the agenda for today. I'll make some dolls and watch some TV and knit some bear. I'm listening to this memoir currently Home is Burning by Dan Marshall and he keeps using the phrase Living The Good Life... I sure am.
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