Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Different morning

I left for the pool a little later than usual because of my breakfast date and managed to hit the pool population sweet spot. It was packed with standing room only. One lane was doing a loop of 4 people instead of the usual split for 2. I think a good bit of the crowd was holiday. Even though most places are business as usual, when you shut down government, schools and banks, you really make a dent.

There was a rabid swimmer in the next lane. He was just chewing up the water and at one point our hands collided. Now, right next to yesterday's purple blood bruise, I have a real one - the hurty kind. It doesn't look nearly as ugly but it is sure tender to the touch. That hand has been declared a victim!

The pool guy was there today working on the spa and I nailed him for answers. He allowed as how the chemical component had changed and the change was permanent. He didn't seem to be too full of credibility but I felt a little better knowing that it was not our imagination and at least someone is watching the chemicals.

After swim was breakfast with Madalene which was fun. She and I are very different and very alike and manage excellent conversation. After breakfast we went to her house where she gave me a bag of wonderful doll fabrics and a bag of homemade cookies!

My twitter feed is full of Baseball Starts Soon tweets. I am ready.

But there is lots of today left for doll making.
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