Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day two and even better...

My swim buddy, Brody, arrived at the gym , the same time I did which was about 5 minutes before it opened. We talked about the change in the pool chemicals. Before last week, the bromine treated pool was cloudy. Underwater, you could see the person swimming in the next lane ONLY if they were swimming next to you.

Then last weekend, the cloudiness went away. There is absolutely been some kind of change but what? I once read about a man in New York who swam laps in the same pool for several years and then one day his teeth all rotted out from the pool chemicals. Having clear water may not be a good thing.

And then Brody asked me if my skin was, by any chance, less itchy. Yep it is. Hmmmm so we interrogated the women at the front desk and they promised they'd ask "Josh Our Pool Guy". We told them we were in favor of clear water and no itching unless it was killing us. However, I was not as hard over on the anti killing thing as Brody.

I thought of a new doll hairdo while I was swimming. Can't wait to try it out.

I had the same omelette this morning but tweaked a little and it was even better than yesterday. Yum.

I have been doing so good with keeping my hands and arms free from the ugly senile purpura bruises. I try very had not to bump up against stuff and to protect especially my hands from knocking against stuff and then I wake up with this:

I hope it was a great Valentine's sex dream where I got thrown against the wall in the heat of passion...

Plus, while my face might not look all of my 66 11/12th years (fat don't crack) my hands look like I'm 80 even when they are bruise free. I got fabulous parents in the child rearing lottery but I really drew the short straw in genetics.

My TiVo had a rare brain tumor last week. I had it set to record Gray's Anatomy and Scandal, as usual, and it said it did but, when I went to watch, it had recorded both hours of the NBC channel instead of ABC. I just thought to check Twitter and, sure enough, it was the cable company's brain tumor. It's such a tiny little cable company that outages and/or problems don't go viral. But, good to know the problem is likely a one off. I was able to watch both shows via the ABC website so all was not lost.

It really is an amazing thing to be able to watch TV shows a gazillion ways. To be able to say Ok Google Now Play Some Music and have the phone in my pocket play songs selected just for me out of my car radio. To be able to deposit a check by taking a picture of it with my phone. That's just magic.
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