Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Twinge? I got yer twinge right here

If my shoulder was annoyed this morning, it's going to be flat out pissed tomorrow along with my back, my hips, my knees and lordknowswhatelse.

I've spent all morning twisted around reaching, pulling, pushing, reaching the other way, lifting, and many more things for which my body was never made and is particularly ill suited now. BUT, the new computer is in an excellent, and tidy, spot. All the cords and cables are nicely hidden. I've rebooted a dozen times and everything still works.

I downloaded and set up all the software I need to do what I want including the oh so cranky Audible software that adds books to the iPod Shuffle. (I love Audible but their scheme for getting books onto the iPod Shuffle is ridiculously very last century.)

That desktop machine was incredibly loud. I had no idea until I pulled its plug. Wow. The silence is amazing.

I did pull the plug and pulled out the hard drives. The one with the goodies on it (music, photos, user manuals, etc) is now in a USB adapter and plugged in like another hard drive which, of course, it is.

At one point half of everything quit working. I finally tracked it all to the very huge, cranky Uninterrupted Power Supply unit. I've had it for years and never used it. It's huge and heavy so it got totally taken out of service.

Then I decided to go the whole way and loaded up the old CPU, the old UPS and the hamper of stuff that I've been collecting and made a run to Goodwill. On the way back I drove through McDonalds and got one of their new ala cart burgers. I got the avocado one on an artisan bun. I gotta say, it was pretty darned good! Still McDonalds but gooder than most.

I feel better having eaten but I am going to be so sore tomorrow. So so sore. And still I haven't made a doll all day.
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