Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Computer house getting into order

This morning, mid swim, my right shoulder starting giving me a twinge. Not a hurt but a hurt warning. I spent many laps conjuring on how I could swim without that shoulder. Then when I was in deep despair, the twinge went away and I finished my swim in ease.

When I got home I went back to work on the computer project and quickly realized the genesis of the twinge.

Yesterday afternoon and last night, I started setting up the laptop into the desk environment. This involves a lot of cable chasing and unscrewing and rescrewing and twisting around to get to this or that plug. In retrospect, I'm kind of surprised it was only my shoulder and it was only a twinge.

This morning it continues. I now have everything set up. All three monitors are working as desired. All the cables are tucked. Mouse, check. Keyboard, check. The printer has been moved and is now working fine. I just now got everything finished and tucked away and realize now as I sit here, there is a much better option for the laptop. So, I'm not done yet. But close.

The shade man came and fixed my shade and showed me how to reset them myself if I ever need to.

First up now, is to move that laptop, then get the spare cables all bundled and put away. Then lunch. Maybe I'll go walk up the street to shake out the muscles and pick up lunch.

Then I need to make a doll!
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