Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

For some reason, when my phone rings now, I answer it and hear nothing. The person on the other end can hear me say 'hello' 'hello?' 'hello??!!' but I get nothing. OR the phone doesn't ring at all. It's mildly annoying but not that big a deal really.

My friend, Madalene, called. Madalene is an old old old aqua exercise buddy. I mean that both ways. She's in her 80's and we met eons ago in that city class I used to take. She left a message that she wanted to get together for breakfast.

I called her back and we nailed Monday. I'm going to pick her up on the way home from swimming and we're going to a little cafe that I love and rarely get to any more. When I swam in south Seattle on Saturdays I ate there all the time but it's not near anywhere I go these days. It is, handily, near Madalene's house. Then she wants me to come back to her house and go through her fabrics. She gave her sewing machine to her daughter but daughter didn't want the fabric. Cool.

The next call was the shade fix it man. He wants to come fix me tomorrow at 10. OK dokey!!

And I did laundry. Got all the dirty clothes washed, dried folded and put away.

Now I'm waiting for OnTrac to deliver the hard drive. They usually come before mid-afternoon so my fingers are crossed that they will be here soon.

My fingers rock! I just refreshed the tracking page and it shows delivered. Yeah!

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