Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have swum and internetted and breakfasted. And now I'm ready for my day. Said day will, best I can tell from here, be sewing and computing.

I decided to order yet another terabyte external drive. Cloud backup is just too fussy to do less than all. Once you start picking out stuff - this folder I'll back up, that one I won't - you are asking for failure. All or none. None isn't too satisfactory. All requires more local storage. So... the new drive. Amazon will deliver it today. Then I can hook my music files, my photo backup and other miscellaneous stuff to the new laptop.

And then I'll turn off the desktop and do some physical rearranging.

But, it makes no sense to do much of it before the drive gets here. So... there will be sewing. I have the next doll all cut out and ready to go.

I wore the new swimsuit today and it worked great. Now I have used up all my swimsuit fabric and elastic but I have exactly the number of suits that I want. I can rotate through and none will get over taxed and I won't get bored. Nice.

I am coughing this morning which is annoying. I was doing much better on this reduced inhaler. I think this is an aberration. Annoying but a one off. It does bug me when I use the rescue inhaler. I think I shouldn't need it.

Zoey is having a phase. She no longer sleeps with me ever. She still insists that a keyboard is for walking over and the water cup (fortunately plastic) in the bathroom is for knocking to the floor. She's not eating a lot of wet food but going through the dry stuff like crazy. She's one weird cat.

And now she's just left the living room to go back to the sewing room and wait for me. I can take a hint.
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