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The mystery package turned out to be a turd. My health insurance company with whom I am now very pissed (yep, honeymoon is o v e r) sent me yet another forest killing packet of shit that they could have made available on the web for far cheaper not to mention easier on the payer - moi! Those people are working out of the last century and it is really annoying me.

They have not only have nothing of value on their website, you cannot contact them by email. The first time I discovered this was when I wanted to send them a quick note about how impressed I was with their customer service.

When they canceled Silver Sneakers out from under me, I sent them an actual snail letter expressing my concern with no way to send email and with dumping Silver Sneakers for their current OHsolame program that really offers nothing worthwhile.

I got 5 snail mail letters back. 1 said that they had received my letter and they would reply. The 2nd and 3rd ones said that they had filed, on my behalf, a formal complaint - one for email and one for Silver Sneakers. The 4th and 5th letters were to say basically tough shit. Seriously. I can change again in October and you bet your sweet stamps I will.

But the computer came and it's lovely. Really. Not the sleek, light weight thing I would have bought on my own but more the corporate workhorse that I really needed much more. And it's got zero crap on it. Clean as a freakin whistle. Loaded up with Windows 7 and updated as of the end of last October so there were only 30 updates and I got them all in 2 passes. Not too damn bad.

Now to install the stuff I need. It isn't much but it is critical. The first is iTunes which, of course, did not install correctly so I'm not uninstalling and will try again. That piece of shit software is just astoundingly bad in oh so many ways. If I could find a music player to use while I'm swimming that was even one half as good as the iPod Shuffle I'd pay double for it just to be able to kill iTunes forever.

Once I get that done, then it's the Audible manager which isn't much better but does require a working copy of iTunes. Then Media Monkey for ripping CD's to put on the player.

Then Office 10. That will get me by for now. Once all that gets set up, I'll move the old one out and the new one in and rearrange the whole area. It will be nice to have the printer up and more easily accessible.

I made no dolls today. None. I did make a swim suit. Back to dolls tomorrow.
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