Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mind losing

One of my window shades lost its mind today. And I'm a little grateful. I hate the sun. I like light but the sun and I are long time arch enemies. It hurts my eyes and makes me hot. One end of my condo is nothing but windows. Floor to ceiling windows. That let in a whole lotta sun.

This winter has been fab. Almost zero sun. But today, the clouds are napping and the sun is out so I hit the button on my automatic shades this morning. After lunch, when the sun had moved on, I hit the button for Shades Up. 3 out of four of the shades went up. Ooops.

They operate on batteries that I was sure needed replacing but I didn't know the details. So I called the blind company who, before anything else, required all my personal information, DNA and thoughts and dreams. And then she told me to change the batteries. Bite me, bitch.

I figured it out and replaced the batteries and still no joy. So this time I called the nice guy who sold me the shades. And he's still nice. He's sending his guy out. Probably next week-ish which is fine. At least it's stuck in the halfway position and not all the way up.

AND most of all, I'm so grateful we had a sunny day on a cool day that enabled me to discover the problem instead of a really hot day when I need the shade and the shade guy or his installer were on vacation or booked solid or some other disaster. Yeah, I'm blowing this way out of proportion.

And I need more AA batteries. Each window takes 12. Happily, they last a couple of years.

CRAP. Just got an email that they are cutting the electricity for four hours a week from Sunday - 10-2. How annoying. Do they realize that my sewing machine requires electricity to run??? Maybe I'll do brunch and a movie. Maybe I'll knit. And, at least we got two week's notice.

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