Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Two things are on the calendar for this week. I have a homeowners meeting tonight at 6 and then my new computer gets here Wednesday. That's it. Otherwise the calendar is clean.

I love a clean calendar, a clean kitchen, a tidy house, a zero inbox. These things give me joy and calm.

And I love a Google drive that has no crap on it. (Since my big file move of last week.) I have 11 years of email in Gmail - 4GB's worth. I could offload some to local storage but I like having it all on the cloud and available. I search it successfully at least once a day to answer some question. Google had this program last year where if you clicked a link and doubled checked your security settings, they added 2GB's to your account for free. They offered it again this year. I just did it and got 2 more GB's. So now my free 15GB's of storage aren't even affected by email. Score!

It cracks me up that I get so obsessed by such silly stuff.

My breathing is spot on perfect today. No coughing, no nothing. I'm hoping I've decided that it's that I have adjusted to the new inhaler and this is the way it will be forever.

My brother and I share a large overlap in Books We Like To Read. At the top of my To Read Next list is Be Frank with Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson. He just dropped me a note about it "One of the best literary characters I've run across and a great read. I'm 2.5 chapters away from finishing it. A fun book." Now I cannot wait to get to it!

But, first there are dolls to make.
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