Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A rare occurrence...

I got hit on at the pool this morning!! And, I learned a couple of things. One, getting hit on by a creepy old man is no less creepy when he's your age. And, two, I still got it!!

It was really funny. He was walking in the lane next to me and every time I'd swim by, he'd give me this big grin. He walked OK in the pool but he was not that good at it out of the pool. He was leaving just as I was finishing up so I did a few more laps to give him time to go away. I thought he had, so I stopped and took off my goggles only to find him standing right there on the edge of the pool and he said:

[FYI, he actually did say these exact words which I am not sure I've ever heard outside of mocking humor]

"Do you come here often?"

OMG. Seriously? Yep. Hilarious. I managed to get away, but not with a straight face.

I did stop at TJ's and then the dollar store and then got gas. Then home. I made a little breakfast and was finishing my coffee when there was a knock at the door. Hunter was there with this:

Fresh and delicious. He nailed Neighbor of the Year in January with the still warm chocolate chip cookies. Now I guess he's Best Neighbor Ever. I just wish he'd quit breaking condo rules, I'm afraid he's going to get kicked out. Plus, I think he's doing a little dealing out of his unit.

I was going to save one of the donuts for later but, I was two bits in before I remembered.

While I was swimming, and being oggled by creepy old guy, I figured out how to make doll shoes!! I've been working on the problem for a while and I think I have it nailed. We'll know soon enough. Off to sew!
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