Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sewing itch

I only made one doll yesterday. I was doing other stuff but by evening I was itching to do another. It was funny. It was a real itch. I knew starting one was a bad idea. I am not good at night. I can knit and watch TV at night and read but that's it.

So last night I picked out fabrics and got everything out and ready to go for today. Then I made new patterns for hair and cut them out of heavy cardboard so I could use them over and over.

This morning I'll go swim when the pool opens at 8 and then maybe a quick stop at Trader Joe's and then home to sew.

Last week I tried Trader Joe's BBQ Teriyaki Chicken and it was delicious. Last night I tried Tyson's Honey Barbecue Chicken Strips and they were gross. (I later figured out the Tyson's had been skinned before cooked. I do not approve of separating chicken and skin. It's cruel. To me.)

I have not been walking as much as I should. I need to fix this but I'm so not motivated.

I have 30 minutes before it makes sense to leave for the pool. Maybe I'll let my backgammon app beat me some more.
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