Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Walmart doll love

Half of my $80 at Walmart went for food. The other half went to doll bits. They had some great (and cheap) tiny trims like the bobbles at her neck. And fabulous flower buttons (her hair). Lots of great doll futures...

I finished a bear last night so the empty couch and empty chair are not quite as empty now. Whew.

I finally made good progress on my Google Drive space reduction. 371 GB to 33. I still need to get rid of more than half of that.

I took the Best Buy USB drive and hooked it into the router so that now it is a network drive and I can get to the stuff from any of my devices independent of the internet. It's also on the cloud (Dropbox) so I've got sufficient backup.

Next up is to move all the music off of Google Drive. I only use it for the swimming iPod. The rest of the time I use Pandora or Google Play. Somehow I need to tell iTunes where it went but that should be the only wrinkle and then I'll be well under my free 15 GB's on Google AND all set up to move to the new computer next week.

I am not used to my hair color at all. The last time I had it dyed which was also the first time I ever had it dyed, they really just blended the gray in with the regular and the result was so subtle even I could hardly tell. This time there is zero subtle and it's kind of freaky.

Also yesterday in the hair dying chair, I discovered that I now have an old lady chin. I used to have a fine chin. And then I had several chins. And now I have a real old lady chin. The kind with the waddle in the middle. The chin on the left is circa 1985-ish. The chin on the right is circa 2pm-ish

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