Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A special gift

The bear lady's latest real estate is a funky storage/office location. I drive up and call her and she comes down to get the bears. (It's a secure building so I can't take them up.)

This morning I drove up and she was standing by this truck with two people which was great cause I didn't have to call and wait. I hopped out of the care with my 3 bags o' bears and dolls and went up to the truck. She introduced me to the woman as 'here's the bear lady!!' I handed over the bags and got in my car saying 'see you next month!'

She and the other lady started looking into the bags. They couldn't really see me and I couldn't hear them but I didn't need to. One would pull out a doll and the other would exclaim, look in the bag and pull out another one. Over and over again. It went on for a long time and it was hilarious to watch them discover and delight in each one. I just sat there and wallowed in it. Such fun to watch the two of them appreciate my dolls.


On to Walmart where I returned $18 in shirts and spent $80 for groceries and other shit. The math there isn't working really well in my favor.

I drove through Burger King and got a cheeseburger and fries and a drink. It was nearly $10!! I rarely drive through fast food places for lunch and was amazed that it was so expensive. I totally get that the food is not good for you but everybody does it anyway. Now I'm curious about how people afford it! And those kids out there smoking cigarettes after their fast food meal? Those kids must be millionaires!!
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