Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Zoey's claws

So... last night, I was sitting cross legged on my bed listening to my book while I played a computer game on my tablet. Zoey was sitting on my ankles watching me. I was ready to shut it down and go to sleep. So I reached out to the phone to stop the book and Zoey got oh so abruptly startled. She sprang up and sprinted and, in the process, dug two of her claws deep into my leg just above the ankle.

OUCH! But then blood - lots of it. And I didn't get to it in time. Puddles on the sheet that went through to the very thick mattress pad. Fortunately, I was able to get both off before it got to the mattress but it was quite the scene with me trying to keep the rest of the blood in my leg while I stripped the bed and got both the sheet and the mattress pad under running cold water.

Few of those sleep hygiene articles would recommend this as a way to prepare for bed!

I got all the blood out of the sheet and tossed it into the tub and then got the mattress pad mostly clean and tossed it into the washing machine and turned that on. And then put a clean sheet on the bed. This morning reveals that my actions paid off and all bedding is saved.

I'm kind of killing time now before going to the pool. I'm working backwards. I can't get to the bear delivery until 10. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from the pool. I'll still have too much time but not enough, really, to come home. Plus I'm going to make a run to Walmart after the delivery. I ordered some shirts online that were not at all what I wanted so I'm going to take them back. And the car need gas.

Google just sent me an alert that it's supposed to rain today. ???? This is Seattle, Google. Not sure rain calls for an alert.
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