Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My doctor's office used to be on Broadway and Union which was smack in the middle of no bus land. Oh there were buses but to get from there to my house (less than 3 miles as the crow flies but very hilly) took at least two buses with connections and a butt load of time so basically it was a non starter. It used to bug me no end.

Today, the hair training salon place was about 3 blocks from that intersection and in an area with precious little parking if any. BUT there is a brand spanking new street car stop located perfectly. Even better than a bus for me because it is 1. free and 2. stops closer to my house!

I got to the hair cutting place with no sweat and time to spare. Two students worked on my hair. Last time they blended the gray in and barely touched my own color. Once again, I told them I didn't care one bit what they did. This time they colored it all over - pretty dramatic difference. The only problem is that I am probably going to get whiplash when I pass a mirror.

They did manage to wet down my shirt pretty significantly and then they put a bunch of styling stuff in my hair so I smell like salon my shirt is nearly dry and the pool will knock the shit out of the smell tomorrow morning.

The whole thing was painless and didn't even take that long. And cost me nothing. I read my book most of the time. Then I walked over to the grocery store and picked up a couple of things and then got onto the streetcar and came home. Quite a satisfying adventure.

Meanwhile in Texas, my brother found the perfect computer solution for me. Refurbed laptop with a fancy dancy docking station. Fabulous specs on both of them and Windows 7. Whew. I don't object to Windows 10 but I have more faith in Windows 7 right now. $359 total. And it's on its way to me now! Whew.

Now I'm home and it's 3:30. I think I probably won't be doing any sewing until tomorrow. I'm going to let the machine cool down.

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