Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My brother, apparently, spent a long time troubleshooting my computer when he was here. He thinks the issues that I'm still having are hardware. He's also pretty sure I could eventually figure out what it is but that's where I pulled the plug. There's only so much futzing that I have the patience for. If we were physically closer, I'd let him and his techs have their way with it. But, life's too short.

A laptop is going to be more practical anyway. He has a great guy that he's worked with for years who refurbishes the laptops he sells in the shop. My brother says his guy can put together a nice laptop and any need accessories just for me. And it will be warrantied and since it's a laptop it would be easy to send off for service if need be. It doesn't need a great battery and it does not need to be particularly light weight. But it does need to be able to drive 3 monitors. He thinks they can find something good and not too pricey so cool. And yeah for have a solution in the future.

The external hard drive I ordered with my Best Buy gift card arrived. And wow. It's a USB 3.0 for starters and also built in this century. I have a house full of really old, slow, futzy drives. Even my whiny machine loved this one from the first plug in and it copied 200 GB in a flash. Sweet.

I just focused on the fact that Friday is Doll/Bear delivery day. I need to get the group shots done tomorrow which is also hair color day. Busy Busy!

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