Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool was pretty darn full this morning. Half regulars, half newbies. I had plenty of room and got my good swim in. Apparently, at the pool, my suits are no longer of interest. But my swim habits are. This morning a woman approached me in the locker room asking "Are you the woman they say swims an hour and a half every day?" And, before I could say no, another woman said "Yep, she's the one!" I do not. I swim maybe 70/75 mins max.

But, I thought it was funny. They also seem amazed that I do the same swim stroke the whole time. I've always thought this was not the best plan but the one I like. I don't have to count or think of what stroke to do next or any of that. I just get in and kick off and keep going until my Shine gets to 3 dots and then I do another couple of laps and quit. "I could never just do the same thing over and over again." I didn't ask why and should have.

I do get tickled at being the center of admiration in a gym locker room. Me, the nearly 70 year old pre-title 9, ladies don't sweat, slug. Yup, it will never get old.

What does get old is this damn desktop computer. It's working my last nerve. I'm ready to toss it out. It's now freezing up 3 times a day. I don't even use it for much but when I need it, I don't want to have to sit there and reboot the damn thing every single time. GRRRRRRRR

I sent a note to my brother strongly indicating that I want to replace it with a laptop that works. I'll probably follow whatever advice he imparts.

The housecleaner is coming today but she just sent an email that she'll be late. I so appreciate her letting me know. She is rarely late these days but in the past she did have some reliability issues so I really appreciate the extra effort.

Oh, I just got an email from my dentist asking me to be sure and book my 2016 appointments now. They are so cute how they think I'd make a non-emergency appointment. For the dentist. So cute.

Yesterday I got massive laundry done including my really thick mattress cover which took 2.5 drying cycles to get dry but survived perfectly and smells so nice! So today, I'm pretty sans chores. Except, apparently, Zoey thinks she needs another breakfast.

So I think I'll feed her and then go make a doll.
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