Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool filled up again this morning. But, at least half were newbies who probably won't last long and I had room to do my swim so it was cool. The traffic coming home wasn't too bad. A good start to the week.

My real estate alerts tell me that an offer was made on the condo downstairs that went on sale at the end of last week. I don't know what the offer price was but I'm guessing that it must be something close to the half a mil they were asking. Wow. And one of the alerts had a realtor note that the place had a distinct unpleasant odor.

I have no intention of moving or selling this place but it is sure nice to think that it's worth something and I could sell easily if I wanted to.

Sometime this weekend, I twisted around to get something while I was seated and strained something at the bottom of my right rib cage. I've done that before but usually it goes away quickly. This is getting better but not quickly. I think one of the cans in my six pack is dented.

I have one tax document that won't be coming in for a couple of weeks yet so I'm holding off on doing any tax stuff. My taxes are very simple so it's not a big deal. I doubt that I will have to pay much and/or get much of a refund. I would like to get them out of the way, though.

I have nothing on for today so I can sew or knit or both to my heart's content. And I love it.
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