Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My brother

Last week I found this funny old photo and posted it on G+. This morning my brother did me one better with his comment:

Screenshot 2016-01-31 at 11.38.41 AM

My morning has been busy also because of my brother... When he was here we talked about the book I had just read - Being Mortal. He finished it this morning and sent me a note. His note said that he had every intention of stepping in as soon as I needed him and he considered it a privilege. He said it way more eloquently but that was the gist. And he asked me to fill out the Five Wishes document at so I did.

If I am struck by something from which I cannot recover completely and quickly within a month, I'll be ready for a fast and painless end. Seriously. I don't care who's there to hold my hand, what music is played or who prays or what is said then or after. Just open the door and let me out, pronto.

So, the 5 wishes document needs some further tweaking and I need to find 2 witnesses. I think I might just take it to the gym and get the two women at the front desk to witness!

He set up a Dropbox for the document and any other info he might need so I put in the stuff I had as well as the not yet tweaked 5 wishes doc.

I'm so very grateful to him for doing this and making it so easy and comfortable for me. He gets it and he gets me. I'm quite lucky.


Meanwhile, my brand new waytooexpensive waterproof headphones died. Well, one ear did. Crap. They are under warranty but still. Crap.


I got an email from my hair cutter place asking if I'd volunteer for a gray coverage test. They have a teaching lab and the students need volunteers. I was asked to come in for a cut last week but couldn't because I was in Mill Creek but today's request was for color work next Thursday. Cool. The only problem is that their location has no handy parking - even paid parking is hard to find. And crappy bus service.

BUT THEN I remembered the new street car!!! It goes from just a block from here to a block and a half from there!! Kewel. Oh and it's still free. Now I'm quite jazzed about the adventure.

Now I think I'll clean up the breakfast dishes and go sew.
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