Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sew sew... or... what I made today

When I first got Zoey, I had another cat named Betty. Betty had an eating disorder, she'd eat anything and everything. But, she only ate in bowls on the ground. So I put a dish on the counter with food and Betty couldn't see it. And Zoey has eaten on the counter every since. She has a always-full bowl of dried kibble, but her wet food is counter service only.

But, she leaves tiny bits of food about so I started putting her dish under a dish towel. This morning I realized that that dish towel was 1. ugly and 2. totally replaceable. So I made her a place mat.

Works very well and brightens up my counter, too!!

Then I made dolls.

The last sewing machine sewing on every doll is the bottom. The arms are made and stuffed. The legs are made and stuffed. The face gets hair and is attached to the dress. The back hair gets attached to the back of the dress. Then the arms get attached to the front and the legs to the back and then I sew from one bottom side all around to the other. I turn her inside out and that's when I get to this part:

The two clamps keep the fluff out of the way so I can get it into the machine. Once I get that final seam done, I undo the clamps and BINGO! There's a new doll. It tickles me every time.

I think my cold was not a cold at all and is now gone. My throat is no longer sore and my ears don't hurt any more. This happened a couple of years ago. I got the beginnings of a cold and before it could really take hold (or go to my lungs) it all got better. I'm greatly relieved and grateful!

Time to watch some TV and knit some bear.
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