Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For some odd reason, I did not even think about going out to breakfast after my swim today. I realized that when I got home. I just made breakfast here and it was fine but usually I run through options, at least. Weird.

I had zero trouble returning the fitness band to Best Buy yesterday. I got my money back and the $20 gift card. I wandered around the store looking for something to spend my $20 on and decided to replace the USB hard drive that died last month. They did not have a 1 TB, 3.0 in the store at a price I wanted to pay, so I came home and ordered it off their website. $40 after taxes with gift card. Not too bad. In May my 2 free TB of Google storage will expire so I need to clean off that drive onto something else. Not that much of it deserves preserving.

The condo that is for sale downstairs is having an open house today. It does not start until 11. It is now 10:55 and there is a line outside waiting to get in. (Front Door TV Network) I'm guessing at least one real estate agent will go home tonight with at least an offer.

The football stadium exhibition hall across the street has the big boat show this weekend and the baseball stadium has two days of pre season activities. There is a lot going on in the 'hood' this weekend.

But, not in here. In here we will be sewing and then maybe watching some TV and knitting or just more sewing. Oh, but first I need to go get my iPod off my swim suit and charge it up before I forget.
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