Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did a test today. I left for the pool at 6:45. It was a bit earlier than was really comfortable but I'm trying to find the pool population sweet spot which I am convinced I'm very close to. Except,I totally forgot that Fridays are usually never busy anyway so bad day to test. BUT, I did discover that even with rain, going at 6:45 does not make coming home any worse. So that's cool.

I'm not waiting til next week to return this fitness tracker. It's too fiddly and, while it provides, way more information than my Fitness Shine, the information it provides is way too confusing and not helpful. Plus, it's not that accurate. So buh bye.

I could mail it back but Best Buy and don't trust 'em so I'm going to hand carry it. I think I'll take it up to the Northgate store. Not handy but not bad. The traffic should be cleared enough in about 15 mins.

My cold is still not life threatening. It's really only in my throat and ears and feels like it could get worse BUT also could get better and not go to my lungs. Again, that's my vote. But, I think I'll stop and get a couple of boxes of tissues while I'm out. Insurance that I hope not to need. Also I'll probably pop into the fabric store near there and get some more fabric for doll bodies.

Sooooo.... I'm off!
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