Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

She cooks! ish

So on my way back to the sewing room, I stopped to put away the groceries and tidy up the kitchen. And in the middle of that, made six spaghetti dinners!

I'm using the term loosely. I took a jar of very good spaghetti sauce and browned a fuck ton of hamburger meat and tossed in the rest of the mushrooms that were in the fridge and added lots o' garlic and simmered it all together. Then I boiled the partial box of linguine and added that to part of the sauce and froze three dinners. Then I found some old bow tie pasta that Chef Anita left and boiled that up, added to the rest of the sauce, froze two more dinners and set aside enough for tonight.

Then... and here's the glorious finish... I washed all the dishes pots and pans and cleaned up all the mess. The garbage is bagged and ready to go down to the dumpsters.

Now I am feeling quite accomplished. I even have some cheezy rolls in the freezer that will go perfectly with dinner.

I think I'll sew.
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